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About Us

My name is Andre Sanders and i'm an amateur boxer/MMA fighter, and former collegiate wrestler. Growing up I loved sports. I wasn't the most physically or genetically gifted child, but my work ethic was unmatched. Everyone knows that with sports comes many expenses, whether that be training camps, personal trainers, equipment, travel fees, uniform cost, etc. These costs were one of my biggest hindrances when it came to being able to actually participate in the sports that I wanted to.

"Luckily" sports in school were free for me despite there usually being a pay to play fee. My moms income made us eligible to get the fee waived. However, I usually had to resort to using hand-me-down equipment, whether that be shoes or workout clothes. For these reasons I decided to start Team Conquest. Our mission is to help kids pay for sport related expenses by using the proceeds from our clothing sales. In order to be eligible for the "sport scholarship" you must be 17 or younger and send in either a 2 page paper expressing your passion, your background, and what you need the money for, or submit a video expressing the same thing. The video must be at least 1 minute long. All submissions can be made to Teamconquest1769@gmail.com. If you would like to help out make sure you head to our online shop now or click the Donate button below.